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About PropCode™

The struggle is real, and has been for decades..

Until now…

One night, under a starry sky, sitting around a warm firepit in Chesterfield NJ, three seasoned professionals in real estate and software development were pondering the wonders of our world. A question was asked about some property aspects of a local home that was currently on the market in town. The answer was not attainable based on the lack of details and specifications that that were provided by the 3rd party MLS sites.

It was then that the wheels started to turn for a software application that would give you instant access to the information for every item in a property, right at your finger tips.

Not only can you have access to every aspect and item in the home, but the potential to add details surrounding the property are almost endless, like the make, model and serial number for every appliance and mechanical item, faucet make and models, flooring types, paint colors for every room, etc., but you could also receive reminders for things like changing the filter in your heater, your refrigerator water filter, and any other maintenance requirements that your property may have.

Also, you can share all that information with loved ones, friends, and your favorite real estate agent when your property is listed for sale. And, that information can be bundled into a closing and easily transferred to the new owner of that property for them to now have it at their finger tips.

On that starry night in Chesterfield NJ, the idea for PropCode™ was born.

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